Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Revolting peasants

or rather Strelets Medieval Levy 1, again picked up on the B&B at Derby, they'll provide the suitable knight bait to go with my medieval armies.

quite a nice set, but took a while to paint as they were irregularly coloured.


Andrew said...

I hear ya. My favorite armies don't wear uniforms, so my celts, dacians, peasants, etc. take forever to paint. It will be nice when I finish my 1/72 British celts, and I can paint quickly through my opposing Roman army. Those Romans are basically just red and silver! ...of course painting all those shield designs will take some time.

P.S. Are you able to post a larger photo of these peasants? No enlargement comes up when I click on the photo.

Fire at Will said...

Andrew, picture enlargement is now fixed (I hope) not sure why it happened, but the blogger generated html code has changed.

Yes, my Celts were a pain as well, and I've still got another"horde" to paint and base as Galatians sometime.