Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Warboot at Manchester

Had an unusual day out on Sunday, it was the equivalent of a car boot sale for wargamers called Warboot and organised by the Manchester Area Wargames Society. There were 21 tables available to rent and I booked one for the Deeside Defenders. Access was easy, just a short drive off the M60, the only real issue was the limited parking. I didn't have any problem as I arrived early enough, but the sight of a large empty office car park nearby was a bit galling.

There were certainly plenty of bargains, especially if you were into Fantasy, Flames of War or Boardgames. All the tables were booked, but some remained empty, this included one for one of the main enthusiasts for the event. Attendance was low, maybe because of the fog, maybe due to wargamers spouses insisting on going Xmas shopping, or just because it was a new event.

I broke even, managing to reduce my stock slightly but finding enough bits to buy.

Will I participate again? Certainly, it was a much better atmosphere than the normal scrum at a B&B. It made us wonder about adopting a more formal approach like this for Gauntlet.

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Andrew said...

Hi Will, Sorry to leave an unrelated message as a comment, but I don't see your email.

You include my blog, Ferrous Lands in your blog list. This weekend I bought a domain name and applied it to my blog, so I think the RSS reader in the Blogger gadget isn't getting updates as it should. Could you remove "ferrouslands.blogspot.com" from your blog list and add "http://www.ferrouslands.com"? I'd hate for people to think I haven't updated my blog since Dec. 10th!


P.S. An order of 1/72 Hat celtic chariots and command are on their way to my house, so I'll have more painted plastics posted soon.