Sunday, 4 January 2009

2008 Review

So how well did I do over the course of 2008?

The high point (depending on your perspective) was that I reduced the plastic stash by nearly 4,000 figures. This was done by a mix of trades and sales at shows. The trades were the most beneficial as they provided me with figures that I would otherwise had to buy and also figures that are no longer commercially available. Certainly trading via the Trading Department and other forums worked well.

On the painting front I completed 1,374 items, down from last years performance of 1,559, but the itemised performance shows a significant shift in emphasis.

Infantry 701 (1023)
Gunners 119 ( 112)
Cavalry 449 ( 297)
Guns,etc 91 ( 73)
Terrain 12 ( 56)

By period

Medieval 330 ( 36)
Ancient 267 (210)
WW2 230 (166)
Renaissance 125 (328)
Revolution 114 (168)
AWI 98 ( 0)
WSS 87 (215)
Other 123 (436)

So a massive shift towards cavalry and medievals, reflecting my objectives of completing Parthian (virtually all cavalry), Teutonic Order (medieval and lots of cavalry) and HYW English (only foot so far). Hidden amongst these figures are all the Italian forces mustered for the Society of Gentlemen Gamers big game and the sudden flurry of AWI activity was occasioned by work on 2nd Saratoga.

The rules for Desaix in the Desert are now usable, (but subject as always to ongoing refinement) and a first draft for 1683 is almost ready.

Hopefully I've been updating all my blogs more often, but the Frundsberg one has fallen off during the latter part of the year, but watch out, they will start action in Italy soon.

Other highlights of the year includes lots of refights of Marignano with the Lance & Longbow Society; the Andrevian civil war game at Gauntlet, and the Gentlemen Pensioners Borodino game all interspersed with the regular club games at Deeside Defenders.


CWT said...

1374 items completed?! I'm so impressed!

All the best for the new year,

Giles said...

Me too - that's a huge number! Kepp up the good work, Will.

Best wishes


David Jones said...

1374 items - that puts me to shame!