Saturday, 3 January 2009

2009 Plan (what plan)

I've got two main events booked for the middle of the year

1) The SOGG big game of Crete 1941 – I need to produce a RF battalion of Greeks and a company of Gendarmerie, plus some Australian figures to modify my desert British into Australians.

2) The other is the SOTCW game at Gauntlet where my main effort will be on terrain as any figures not provided by others will be available from my existing collections. I'm intending to provide some “extras” such as the Auster AOP.

If 2008 was an ancient/medieval year, then I think 2009 will be a consolidation of the armies produced last year and earlier (e.g. sort out army lists add any odd extras and use them) e.g.
  • Expand the WSS/1683 armies wherever possible as there are still some gaps in the figure ranges available.
  • Add to the forces for the French Revolutionary Wars in Italy
  • Finalise the HYW English, mainly men at arms

I’ve still got a stash of nearly 7,000 figures, so I will continue trading/selling figures, but certainly not at the level of last year.

Purchasing, in line with the above, I’ve no major plans so it will be whatever strikes my fancy in the coming year, with one exception... the plastic 28mm ECW figures as they will really tempt me to expand my small metal ECW force.

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General Grant said...

Wish I could make my plans like that. I do have some if you read my first post of the new year. Nothing nowhere on the scale you do things.

Looking forward to either bumping into you in person at some of the shows but most definitely the SOGG game of Crete 1941 in June.

P.S. Did you notice the SOGG forum went down like Monday? Haven't seen it since...