Monday, 19 January 2009

Ready for Marengo

Having finished four more regiments, I thought it was time to review my Austrian forces.

It's now a reasonably substantial force with 6 full infantry regiments, 3 battalions of infantry (half regiments) one battalion of grenadiers, a regiment of jaegers and a battalion of lights. This is supported by two regiments of medium cavalry and two of light. The artillery has 4 foot batteries and 2 horse batteries.

I still plan to increase the Frundsberg contingent from one battalion up to two full regiments plus a jaeger regiment.

Initially I'll use my AWI rules with some modifications to give a period feel.


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

That's a very nice collection. I've always liked the proportions of the 1/72 plastics. They don't all look like bodybuilders.

General Grant said...

That looks great Will. I really like those.

Always liked Infantry on horses for some unknown reason whether they be Cavalry or Dragoons - not that I can always tell the difference. Great photos too.


Stryker said...

Very impressive - they really look great massed together like that.


Giles said...

A very impressive army, Will.

rpardo said...

A great army... sorry the'll fight the First Consul! ;-p
What ruleset do you'll use?