Sunday, 18 January 2009

Yet more Austrians

Yes, there has been a bit of a gap in posting, but I've now completed 4 full 24 figure Austrian regiments for 1800, which took a while. All of the units are taken from the Marengo OOB. So I have two German regiments, Hohenlohe (Light Brown facings) and Wallis (Pink), and two Hungarian, Anton (Dark Red) and Spleny (Dark Blue). This over-expansion was due to some rather enthusiastic trading, and I couldn't resist using the figures. In addition it means I will also increase the Frundsberg auxiliaries and still have some spare bicorne figures left over for conversions. As another consequence I'll have to expand the French.

For those that are interested the flags are almost the last of my flag sheets acquired from Almark many years ago.

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Ken said...

Hello WIll , Nice to see the sets where final used for something good . And you are a fast painter, Great job , regards Ken