Saturday, 21 March 2009


The Ancient Briton army list for WRG 6th allows one to have a religious group of sacrificing druids, screaming women, stationary altar and fires. I'm not sure how effective it will be, but since the HaT Celtic command came with druids and the Warrior Queen set provided a couple of "screaming" women I had to make it. The altar is a suitably sized piece of gravel and the animal on it came from a very old Atlantic Greek life set which had an animal sacrifice (it's always worth keeping these odd bits!).


Chris said...

I should think that as long as they can keep up with the chariots, these druids should work out well and they'll certainly add some colour!

I always found the +2 on the reaction test well worth the 85 points for my my Sassanids with their Kaviani banner. Last time I played 6th edition I didn't take the banner and three of my four units of cataphracts failed to go impetuous by 1 or 2.

johnpreece said...

That is a very nice base, well worth having and the first I ahve seen in many a lomg year.

A friend of mine (now long dead alas) made something like this when Airfix released their Ancient Brits. He used a piece of slate and the running figures from the arab set. You know the ones with arms raised and rifles held low.
Obviously he cut off the rifles!

Fire at Will said...

John, I can just imagine such a conversion having seen many similar over the years