Thursday, 19 March 2009

Lots of goodies.

Really been a good day, a mornings exercise in the sun digging the garden.  The postie then delivers the long overdue "The War Game Companion" and then the afternoon fighting the proxy  Hetzenberg battle and then this evening down the wargames club.

The War Game Companion was on my Xmas list and I fully expected it then.  Disappointed, I ordered it from Amazon only for it to be delayed for lack of stock.  A quick flick through indicates that it's going to be a cracking read.

I'm also using the Hetzenberg battle as a test for a smaller scale action variant on my AWI/SYW rules.  In this case a unit represents a company/squadron with 4 companies or 3 squadrons to a regiment (similar to Charge/The Wargame)

Yesterday Wargames Illustrated arrived with the latest freebee a Warlord Plastic ECW figure.  I'll need to get it painted to compare with my existing Minifig ECW before I go to Salute.

Tuesday I collected the Smith and Hinckley book on operation Avalanche from the library and also picked up a couple of cheap WW2 books as well


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

No hints and clues on the outcome of the Hetzenberg battle?? ;o))

There's a host of Mary Amadeus fans out here you know!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, I'm one (a Mary Amadeus fan, I mean).

I'm glad that you got the battle done . . . presumably you've posted the results to AJ so that he'll have no excuse and will get a new post written pronto.

-- Jeff

Fire at Will said...

Steve & Jeff, you'll have to wait until AJ publishes. One clue is that the battle was over my nightfall and one side lost and the other won.

I am still writing up the account for AJ so he should get it later today or tomorrow. ps the game didn't actually finish until lunchtime today (Saturday)