Monday, 6 April 2009

Back from Triples

Well apologies to all those who missed me, we were really at the back of beyond, behind the cafeteria, and for those who claim never to have seen me, here's the proof.

There was quite a bit of eye-candy in the main hall, but the lighting was awful, here are a couple of my favourites

The pirates (of the Caribbean) the picture doesn't show the scale of the scratch built ship

And Ager Sanguinis, dramatic scenery and superb painting by the Ilkey lads (Olicanalad's Games) one of the blog I keep tabs on.
Well I managed to meet more people and still bought a few bits, mainly from SHQ, which were enough figures to complete an Australian Battalion (yes I know they aren't plastic, but I can't find any more of the Revell ones) a M8 HMC for my American Recce unit and some assorted British weapons (to update my Revell Australians). Also a Brittania Dorchester ACV for my WW2 British commander to hide in.

The bring & buy was virtually empty, so nothing there, so I bought a copy of the Rapid Fire North African Guide. The later linked in with last years big game, but scaled everything down to more normal wargames proportions, so I will be using it for games with my British, Italians and the beginnings of my Germans.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Will - the Rapid Fire North Africa book.. is the content significantly different to the previous b&w edition that I bought years ago??

A J said...

I'm glad you had a good time at Triples. It sounds like a great show. I'm hoping to make Partizan in May.