Saturday, 25 April 2009

Back to face the Zulus

After quite a period I've added some new units to my Imperial forces, this comes after a quite successful defence of a British column just over a week ago down at the club by Andrew and Pete.

Firstly a unit I've intended to create for a number of years, the Natal Native Horse (NNH) . I don't want to be specific about which troop but by preference I would go for the Edendale Horse. The figures are the HaT NNH

I also bought the HaT British mounted infantry but I already had these made from Esci Zulu Wars British combined with the old standby the Airfix ACW Union Cavalry. So here are the Natal Mounted Police in their washed out black uniforms (dark brown)

In both cases as well as duplicating the mounted figures on foot I have added a couple of horse holders as well.

If you are interested in my rules they can be found on Pete's Free Wargames Rules site


A J said...

Very nice figures, Will. I do like Colonial gaming, and have more than enough 6mm Sudan figures and scenery to run a game. But I must admit to casting longing glances at the new Peter Pig 15mm range. Ah well, one day.

Giles said...

Lovely figures, Will. I do like the Natal Mounted Police uniforms - very snappy.


mochenddu said...

You guys need to check out Will's Zulu rules. Even years later the games he out on with them stick in my memory.

The columns I have been part of that have been massacred due to the incompetence of the British Officers (us) is actually very historical :)

Hey Will, remember my Naval Gun Lieutenant taking down that Induna from 100 yards with his Webley Servi ce Revolver, whilst clinging to back the the last Natal Native Horseman as we escaped to tell the tale of yet another column lost?

I even penned a set of Starship Troopers Rules based almost entirely on the mechanics that Will pioneered, and they work just as well.

Great days,

Fire at Will said...

Hi craig, it's been a while since I've seen/heard from you. The Wrexham club has now relocated to the Airbus site in Broughton as there was so few of us and we were already mambers of the Deeside Defenders. You are more than welcome to pop in on a DD club night (Thursday) or every other Sunday (Wrexham) and if possible pop by for Gauntlet see