Saturday, 18 April 2009

G'day mate

Phew, 96 Australian figures finished, these are the major par of my contribution to this years SOGG big game.

Firstly the 8th Australian battalion (all SHQ except the MMG) very nice figures that demanded a good paint job. Strictly they should all be helmeted, but you wouldn't know they are Australians so I used a 50/50 mix of slouch and helmeted figures)

The 11th Australian battalion (all Revell Australians plus a few odd head swap figures from other WW2 sets)

For those who were interested in the compatibility of the two ranges here are the spare figures. depending on the figures you pick they can look close enough (e.g. the standing firing figure or the kneeling bren gunner) but others are more bulky (such as the officer and running tommy gunner)

The only item still missing from each battalion is a medic figure.
The next task for the SOGG big game is the Greek infantry and gendarmes.


johnpreece said...

I have neglected my comments lately, but I have enjoyed your last few posts very much. I first flew in aa Auster owned by the local flying club. I can't remember much about it. Afetr that it was a Beagle through the Air Cadets

I have the original RF desert book but I will probably add the revamped version,just because I love the pretty pictures.

I envy you your ability to do headswaps. Of course did them back in the mists of time, but it seems to me that the figures have got a lot saller since then. Of course there is an upside, who would have thought that we would one day have the choice of two German Motorbike sets?

Counterpane said...

Are you telling us you've painted that whole metal battalion of Aussies since Triples?


Richard C

Fire at Will said...

Yes, all done since Triples, the advantage of having time on my hands!