Thursday, 2 April 2009

Italian CR42 Falco

Based on their experience with the CR32 in the Spanish Civil war the Italian falsely conclulded that there was a future for biplanes so they developed the CR42, which saw servic in the early years of WW2. More details can be found on the Commando Supremo site (link)

This is an old Revell kit that I picked up at South Cheshire Militaire


Fraxinus said...

very nice paint job, one of my favourite aircraft

Chris said...

Good work! What rules do you use with these biplanes?

Fire at Will said...

Chris, we use "Red Baron" the boardgame down the club, however we use the rules with 1/72 aircraft and large hex sheets (from the Battlemaster set I think). Mine are really for air support in ground operations so it's Rapid Fire for WW2 and Red Actions for RCW/WW1.