Tuesday, 7 April 2009

On the workbench - April 09

April already, and the big games at the end of June are looming already, so the main emphasis this month is to crack on with the anything needed for the games. So what is planned for this month?
  • Australian infantry, this will now be a Revell plastic battalion and an SHQ metal battalion.
  • Auster AOP - continuing the aircraft theme
  • Buildings for Achse/Avalanche

Then as time permits

  • Italian 90/53 AA/AT Guns
  • German DAK motorcycles (as expected I need another pack after a quick read of the North Africa guide)
  • British Mounted Infantry and Natal Native Horse for the Zulu wars
  • I'll also continue my slow progress with a BefehlsPanzer III
  • Plus the Dorchester and M8 HMC

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