Sunday, 26 April 2009

Warrior Bazaar

Just back from a trip to Bolton to the new show "Warrior Bazaar", there were plenty of traders but only a limited number of demo/participation games. The venue seemed spacious, but that might have been due to a low number of wargamers attending, but it would be difficult for me to judge. I didn't buy much as it's only a short time since Salute/Triples and I'm still waiting for the HaT plastics to arrive, their two latest releases have still not arrived in shops yet.

What I did acquire was another Matchbox Panzer III and a much sought after Edai Mobelwagen. Unfortunately the Modelwagen is missing three of the side panels so I'll have to scratch build some replacements.

I also picked up a couple of cheap Airfix Panzer IV's and an Osprey on the SYW Austrian Grenzers.

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