Saturday, 6 June 2009

On the Workbench - June 09

Where is the year going? seems to have only been a matter of weeks since Christmas. May just vanished, but partly that was due to going on holidays for a couple of weeks. It's now only two weeks to go to the SOGG big game and all my figures are finished, I just need to sort everything out and maybe create some "pretty bits" such as Greek flags and perhaps a dead German para hanging from a tree. Otherwise I have to continue with the work for the SOTCW Gauntlet game and continue work on the Achse/Avalanche terrain - buildings/olive trees/vineyards.

I'm also suffering from a lack of bright colours so I'm going to start on some WSS Bavarians using the Zvezda figures and hopefully I'll manage to buy some of the new GNW artillery that's just been released.

Otherwise the following are still idling in odd corners.
  • German DAK motorcycles
  • Something might be done with the BefehlsPanzer III conversion
  • The M8 HMC is virtually finished and I've started on painting it
  • Tartars for my Ottomans (just need a final push to finish)

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