Saturday, 13 June 2009

Outland games SYW figures

Chris at Outland Games in the US sent me some sample 20mm figures for review so despite generally being a plastic figure user here they are:

There was no description of the exact SYW figures represented but positioned on my 5mm graph paper they look to be a close 20mm base of foot to eyes. Careful inspection will show quite a bit more detail (click the images for a bigger view). Without painting it they do seem to have thin legs, but the waistcoat and jacket would have tended to bulk out the upper half of the body.

For comparison here are some plastics, the Airfix AWI figures are not a bad match but the Revell SYW are far larger, which is a pity as this is where I am now looking for figures to fit in with my existing collection.


rf2peter said...

If I may suggest looking at RSM 95 figures for the AWI. Sizewise they are comparible to Newline design: a smallish 1/72 or rather 1/76


guy said...


I think I have some spare Revell SYW Prussian infantry boxes if you are interested. E-mail me at (you kindly sold me some Prussian hussars a few months back).


Fire at Will said...

Hi "guy", thanks for the offer but I've still got enough figures for a couple of extra battalions should I ever need them.