Saturday, 27 June 2009

Specially for Bill

Since Bill in the USA asked, here is the new Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great.

My first impression was wow, what a great set, up to usual Zvezda standards, but on further contemplation it's not as good as it could be (but these are opportunities for improvements not moans)

1) The idea of separate arms is great and adds to the animation of the figures, but the figure with the rammer doesn't fit properly (unlike the rest)

2) Too many 3pdr galloper guns

3) The howitzer seems too small

4) If you add the elevating wedge on the 6pdr then the gun points downward

5) The wheels are very tight on the axles, so a quick clean wirh a 1.5mm drill helps the fit

6) I'm not sure, but I suspect that all the wheels are on the small side.

Overall 9 out of 10, compared to any other set, except their own Napoleonic artillery this is excellent.

Whatever your gun/gunner ratio there are plenty of spare figures so different nationality crews should not be a problem. I will certainly use the figures with my Strelets/Orion and Call to Arms guns.

Finally, if you follow this link, something like this will be my next set of WSS units


Sir William the Aged said...

Many thanks My Friend! Shame about some of the issues. I could be wrong, but I believe the small caliber howitzer is correct, the Russians had a specially-designed one to work in tandem with their batteries. I agree with you though, the Zvezda Napoleonic Artillery set is still the "gold standard" for plastic artillery sets. Some of the nicest guns I've seen since Frank Hinchcliffe's old designs.

So, taking a turn through Hesse-Kassel are we? If you could find the uniform details, I would think one of the warlike Bishoprics might be fun as well, especially Müenster. Keep up the good work!


andygamer said...

Thank you for the mini-review and the photos. I've been keen to see the actual figures myself, too.

Capt Bill said...

Thank, a very interesting artillery park!

Fire at Will said...

Sir William, I'm sure you are right about the howitzer I just would have liked a better mix of bits in the set. Zvezda continued with their 3 sprues plus 1 sprue combination, where it would have been better to have two pairs.

Painted figures and guns should appear within the next week.