Thursday, 18 June 2009

WSS Bavarian Infantry

As I said in a previous post I was feeling deprived of colourful figures to paint so these just flew of the workbench.

From front to back the three regiments are Maffei (or Massei) Mercy and Lieb.

The figures are all the Zvezda Infantry of Peter the Great and the flags are from Warflag.

Although these are painted for the WSS I will also use them for 1683 and CS Grants From Pike to Shot gives similar uniformed units for 1685-1700.


Tim G. said...

Nice work! So, when will they fine troops see some action? Will you be using your AWI rules modified for the period?

Fire at Will said...

Tim, they are a distant relative of my AWI rules via a SYW variant, once the big game is out the way I hope to post them up on esnips

General Grant said...

They look really nice Will. Are they Front Rank?

MartinAJF said...

They look great Will. Look forward to seeing them in action down the club !

Giles said...

Very nice indeed!