Thursday, 20 August 2009

22K and counting

Just updated my figures database and I'm please to announce the passing of another milestone, I now have over 22,000 painted 20mm figures.

made up as follows

2,974 Ancient/Medieval
1,908 Renaissance
3,403 C18 - WSS/AWI/SYW
6,400 Napoleonic
1,344 American Civil War
1,182 Colonial
4,846 20th Century

22,057 in total


Kasper said...

Congrats! 22.000 minis is mindboggeling and I would love to see them all on the table (or rather floor) at the same time.
Well done and thansk for blogging :-).
Best regards,

Giles said...

That is indeed a stunning achievement! Well done, Will. Following your blog continues to give much pleasure.

Best wishes


Mad Carew said...

Do you have a special room? Wish I did!

Andrew said...

Holy smokes! How long did it take you to count them all?

Fire at Will said...

Thanks for the comments

Kasper, I dare not think of the floor space to lay out my complete collection. I remember in my early years fighting a napoleonic wargame with friends in a ballroom and we only had at most 5,000 figures. i don't know how I would ever use my complete Napoleonic collection, unless I use the old hanger that we use for Gauntlet at Airbus!

Giles, thanks for the complement

Mad Carew, yes I have my own "study" 1.5m x 3m (5' x 10') but most of my collection is stored in the attic or garage. I do get to use the living room or conservatory fo games where I use a table tennis table plus an extension if needed.

Andrew, I have gradually built up an inventory over the years on Excel it's useful to keep track as the collection has grown and also to keep track of what I have.

Red Cardinal said...

I hope that they're insured! :)