Saturday, 1 August 2009

On the Workbench - August 09

I'd thought I'd kick off this episode with a view of what is physically on the workbench. As can be be seen most items are nearing completion. The trays enable me to keep some degree of organisation and allow me to easily swap subjects when I feel the need.

So for the new month I'll be adding
  • Macedonian Hypaspists
  • Ottoman infantry (modified Orion Janissaries to be used as Tufekcis)
  • Polish wagonlager (Miniart Hussite wagons, not sure how I might use the figures)
  • Munitionspanzer Wespe (I acquired a Matchbox Wespe cheap)


Bluebear Jeff said...

I like the concept of the "trays" . . . I hope that you don't mind if I copy it.

-- Jeff

Paul said...

The Munitions Wespe...step by step for that one please as I aquired one for the same purpose.

Fire at Will said...

Paul, you will be disappointed to learn that I'll be creating the Muntionspanzer Wespe with the back covered by a tarpaulin. I've search around and asked on a couple of forums (fora?) but no details of the interior configuration seem to be available.

Jeff please go ahead, it was partly because I get inspiration from others pictures of WIP I thought I'd post a picture of the workbench

Wow Gold said...

Nice image. I liked it.