Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ottoman Tufekcis

Just finished some cannon fodder for the Ottomans. This is as close as I could get to Tufekcis by modifying the Orion Janissaries by cutting down the hat and adding a tissue paper turban.

The Orion figures are better for irregulars as there are only two figures in each pose.

The musicians at the back are a bit of decoration to accompany my Ottoman commanders


abdul666 said...

An efficient conversion -the diversity of poses completes nicely the 'light' / 'irregular' look.

johnpreece said...

How nice to see an Ottoman army, they seem to have become deeply unfashionable lately.

I like that unit a lot. If I may say so, you have used just enough colours to make them look colourful but avoided the ' bag of dolly mixtures, dropped on the table ' look that sometimes comes with oriental armies.

Nice to see, thank you.

Mad Carew said...

Nice work

Peter said...

Thanks for visiting the Chronicles. I'm very interested in the article you mentioned. Were can I get hold of it?