Friday, 7 August 2009

A quick historical quartet

I exploited my English Heritage membership last Sunday and visited a number of sites in Shropshire.

First off was Haughmond Abbey the remains of an Augustinian Abbey

Then onto Wroxeter Roman city, where not much remains above ground except parts of the bath complex. We planned the visit to fit in with one of the EH events and getting a guided tour made it well worth while. It was rather strange after being inside actual bath complexes at Pompeii and Herculaneum earlier this year

Then a quick diversion for a Sunday roast at a local pub and a pint of Hooky Bitter and then a walk up the Wrekin which is topped by the hill fort capital of the Cornovii. When they became Romanised they moved to Wroxeter.

Finally on to Boscobel house where Charles II hid after the battle of Worcester 1651. The Royal Oak is now a sorry site, but a new sapling is growing up alongside.

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