Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Last of the Prussians???

In theory these should be the last Napoleonic Prussians I need to paint(*). They certainly round off the the cavalry, which always understrength as no plastic manufacturer has ever produced Landwehr Cavalry. These are HaT Prussian Dragoons acquired recently as a trade on the Trading Department and painted up as Landwehr. One problem with using these is that it is not easy to add lances, the one I did add was to replace a broken sword.

The two units are the 1st Pommeranian (grey coats) and the 3rd Kurmark regiments based on my trusty Almark book on the Prussian Army by David Nash and backed up with information from the excellent Mont St Jean site.
* I think it's time for a Prussian parade to properly review the army, like I did with the French a while back, but on a forum that has since closed so I may repost it sometime.


Rafael Pardo said...

Is a pity, but ther is no decent plastic set for Prussian National or Landwehr cavalry, with their lances.
Maybe Hat could launch a such set!

Red Cardinal said...

Actually, it's also a shame that there is no available set of decent later war Prussian line infantry :(

Red Cardinal said...

Apologies Will, for got to say that I'd like to see pics of your French Naps if you'd care to post them? :)