Sunday, 4 October 2009

Old Glory/Derby show

Managed to find a gap in my schedule to get across to Derby yesterday (Saturday). It was just as well as Dave was all alone to man both his book stall and the Lance & Longbow stand. As a result I didn't spend as much time looking around, plus my time was short as friends were coming over for dinner and I am chief chef!!.

Overall impression is that it is still a nice show, good lighting, enough room to move around and lots of friends to see. I admit that this time, nothing particularly struck my attention. I saw a number of items that I'll probably pick up at Fiasco in a months time, especially the Minimi tanks. I've been dithering over these for a while as they say they will cast a thinner base to order, so it is easier to remove.

Both the Battle of the Boyne game and Ste Nazaire games were impressive in scale, but something was missing, I'm not sure what it was, but usually I can find something aspirational in the modelling or game, but not this time? I really wanted to try the Trebbia and/or Granicus games by the SOA, but I never had time, shame

Expenditure was very moderate, the new Osprey on Cromwell in Ireland by Michael McNally (not a relation) and the Battleground book on Ramilles. Lots of temptation on the B&B, I succumbed to some more medievals by Miniart because they were cheap and I nearly bought more GNW stuff by Zvezda just because I wanted two packets (as a just in case) and I would have resold the rest. I was really pleased to see that they went to a safe home with Andy Callan.

Overall it was the opportunity to meet up with lots of other gamers that made it a great day out. Thank guys.

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