Friday, 23 October 2009

Polish Tabor

At long last the wagons are finished,the reason for the delays were partly due to shorting out the basing for WRG 6th and then finding that I couldn't find any similar horses to the originals as I needed four horse teams rather than two horse teams. After much searching I found some old Imex ACW limber teams that were good enough. The barding on the horses is a matchstick and Slaters' planking concoction.
I also had a debate on whether to paint symbols/logos on the wagon hoarding, I decided to add a slot for flags instead so I could change them to go with ownership. I put the hoarding on the left for two and on the right for the other two, this is so I can cover the two flanks of the army.


TDC, said...

Nice hussites you have. Always love their way of warfare!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Good Lord.... they sure knock heavy chariots into a cocked hat!

Sir William the Aged said...

Excellent work as always Will. And I love the provision for alternate standards, especially given the variety of armies that you own and create.