Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Scottish & Flemish Pikemen

The Strelets pikemen are now finished and I have completed them as two separate groups, those from the Army of Wallace/Bruce sets I used for the Scottish pikes as many had a saltire or tartan. The others from the Medieval levy I used for the low countries with Brabant flags from warflag for the battle of the Golden Spurs 1302.

The Scots

The Flemings (in the background are the Scots and a few spare archers I finished)


Pedro said...

Great work! Superb!
What a wonderful figures!

I follow your blog and I would like to know if you play with these figures and wich rules do you use.

Sorry for my bad english!!

Fire at Will said...

Hi Pedro, yes they are used and the rules I usually play with are the old WRG 6th edition.

Nick Grant said...

Very cool. Very...fearsome!


Counterpane said...

The Scots are guid and the Flemings are goed!

I'm impressed you're still playing WRG 6th. I haven't played them since about 1982. I had a soft spot for 5th edition.