Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Vorwarts - Prussian Parade

As mentioned earlier I thought it was about time to review my Napoleonic Prussian army. It totals of 1,165 figures and the infantry are dominantly Springwood hard plastics. Most of the army is over 30 years old, but odd units have been added over the years as new figures have been produced.

Originally I started out with a pair of typical 1813 infantry brigades each composed of a regiment each of Line, Reserve and Landwehr. to this was added a Guards regiment and a grenadier Battalion. subsequently various oddments have been added.

Above is a typical brigade, front row is three half battalions of deployed light troops, one for each regiment plus jaegers, these are soft plastic mostly HaT. Second row is a Line Regiment with two Musketeer Bns and a Fusilier Bn (all first edition Springwood), next the Reserve regiment with the same structure (second edition Springwood British LI figures). ; Finally 4 Bns of Landwehr (second edition Springwood)

Above, the second brigade with almost identical composition to the 1st brigade. The reserve regiment this time is made from 2nd edition Springwood Prussian Infantry figures.

The odds and sods brigade, the lights are Lutzows and Volunteer Jaeger. The next row is the Guard and Grenadiers. Behind is another line regiment plus an unattached Bn, Finally a couple of line Bns made up of mixed Revell/Springwood figures, an extra Springwood Landwehr Bn and a very old Airfix Landwehr Bn.

My Landwehr cavalry, the front four units are recently produced, the rear pair are Airfix Cuirassier conversions

From Left to right, 4 units of hussars, 2 of dragoons and 2 of cuirassiers (all Airfix conversions)

To the right of the cuirassiers are newer units - the majority of the artillery is all Hat figures (these replaced older Airfix conversions) the only old unit left is behind the cuirassiers. The limber teams more Airfix conversions. The units are a couple of units of dragoons (HaT) backed up by a mounted and foot unit from Lutzows Freikorps.

The next couple of pictures are for the Hinton Hunter

The commanders of my Prussian corps are none other than Blucher and Gniesenau (both Hinton Hunt figures) The other assorted dismounted commanders are by Strelets (a combined set with Russian commanders)

One of the brigade commanders is a well used Hinton Hunt Prussian general

Overall Assessment

Certainly fit for another 30 years, the real gap is commanders, with the exception of the Hinton Hunts all of them need replace/upgraded. Looking across the scale of upgrading the basing is far too intimidating to consider at the moment. They are also due for an outing perhaps to try one of the new sets of napoleonic rules that are coming out


The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Will, thanks for the Blucher/Gneisnau pics. I have a line on some I'm hoping to pick up from the States, plus some generals and ADCs... Having recently finished my Hinton Hunt Prussian contingent, I can appreciate the work that has gone into that force.



Monty said...

Blimey, Will, that is impressive...

All the best,


tradgardmastare said...

Vow - a most impressive array!!

Stryker said...

Very impressive. I'm glad to see that you have those Hinton Hunt generals in command of your plastics! The general with the spyglass was one of my favourite figures although sadly I don't have one in my current collection. Great stuff...


Fire at Will said...

Yes, the general with a spyglass is one of my favourites, I've two in the army (the other one is near the landwehr cavalry) and I would like to find some more similar figures without spyglasses to replace my conversions.

Mark Sullivan said...

Hi, So glad to see someone else actually collects and wargames with 20mm plastic. began to think I was alone. For personality/command figures have you tried 'Art Miniaturen'? A german company that produce glorious figures with some great detail (including separate cocked hats for some) and they fit with Airfix, HAT etc. I actually think their range is much better than Kennington.

Fire at Will said...

Mark, thanks, I have seen Art Miniaturen on the web, but I've always been unsure of their exact size and the cost, given the extra postage has always seemed to high. Sometime I'll get back across the channel to a European show where I'll get chance to see and buy them.