Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Yes progress has been slow, it's because I've been distracted away from the Conquistadores and Aztecs.

I had started out sorting out stuff to take to Warboot this coming Sunday. Typically I came across my HaT pontoon wagons. These are moulded in their awful bendy plastic so it was a a keep or sell decision, I decided I might as well use them, so I sorted out some limber teams for them (from the baggage wagons!) and they are now under way. I also found the remaining HaT field forge and this also jumped onto the painting desk and has been modified to a one horse version based upon drawings by Michael Head.

Then it was a quick visit to Modelzone because I'd run out of paint and came away with the new Zvezda Zaphorzian Cossacks, a very nice set so these have also squeezed onto the table along with a few of their Russian noble cavalry.

A further distraction

Just got in after cutting the hedge all morning to find a box of goodies from Andy Harfield, this will keep me busy through to Xmas

2 x Waterloo Italian Heavy Gun
1 x Waterloo Italian Infantry Support Group
2 x Strelets Reitars of Charles XII
2 x Strelets Leib-Drabants of Charles XII
1 x Strelets Russian Dragoons of Peter I
1 xCaesar WWII French Army
1 x Mars Polish Infantry Mercenaries (Haiduki)
1 x Pegasus WWII Russian Infantry Summer & Winter

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