Sunday, 1 November 2009

Fiasco, a good day but....

An enjoyable trip over to the Leeds show are the armouries, but there seemed to be more problems than usual with non-attendance (maybe due to the weather)as two major display games failed to turn up.

I was with the Lance and Longbow and this time the game was Novarra 1513 where the Swiss surprised the French camp. both games played during the day recreated the rout of the French
Just nearby (beyond the SOA) was the Ilkley lads ancient naval game which looked impressive, but I'm not sure about the counters on the ships. (link)
In the other direction was an impressive display by Legendary Wargames advertising their weekend games, unfortunately my pictures of there excellent Sudan setup were blurred, so you need to have a look on their web site.
There was an impressive 15mm Israeli-Syrian conflict using Rapid Fire, which looked very tempting.

Nice vehicles and terrain, but I did feel that the helicopters could have been a bit smaller
Once again I sold off a bit of my plastic stash, but I only bought a couple of pots of paints and some dice so not a good performance on the purchasing front. It just seemed that the bits I wanted were not on sale at the show and no new temptations appeared.
As always the best bit was meeting up with lots of other wargamers from forums etc.
Next show should be "Recon" in December as I mucked up booking Antwerp.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

..that Sudan game looked amazing!!

Andy McMaster said...

Thanks for the report. Family commitments meant I was unable to attend (read: wife wouldn't let me!).
There's always SMOGGYCON in Middlesbrough if you fancy fitting in another show before December?


Fire at Will said...

Andy, thanks for the offer, but Recon will probably be my last show this year.

Steve, yes, when I saw the game and the write up I thought of your games, pity my pictures didn't come out in focus.