Saturday, 14 November 2009

Troop storage

To answer a recent question here are a couple of pictures of the storage system I used for my figures. The basic tray is the top from A4 paper boxes, the sort that hold about 6 reams. I cut them down to a suitable height for the figures and then add a couple of partitions (usually I split the tray into 3 equal sized areas). The partitions also ensurse that the trays don't collapse into each other.

The trays then fit neatly inside a folding stackable plastic box (most of mine come from Tesco). Depending on the tray height either 6 or 8 trays fit each box


Tommy Schroeder said...

I really like your Blog Will.I to collect and game in 1/72, but also have the bulk of my collection in metal.I`m currently doing WSS filling out my Jack Scruby re-sculps (one of a kind metal figures that a guy in California re-sculped using Scruby 25mm 7YW troops and made WSS) with Plastics. The Zvevda and Strelets are prefect for this as they are 24-26mm and my Scrubys are smaller 25s. I also am building a Turkish and Polish armie to do the Siege of Vienna. Where do you get your Polish flags? I`ve looked all over! please email me at your basing also Tom in AZ

Rafael Pardo said...

A great idea your storage method. I'll try it: there are always many A4 paper boxes lying sround in my office!
Thanks for sharing


Great idea.
I don't know if you remember but I produce original 54mm wargame pieces at 5.50 each (pounds). at moment mostly Naps but just brought out a FFL firing Lweis gun from hip based on March or Die