Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Back to the cold wet North West

Yes, I escaped for a week to the warm Canary island of La Palma on a last minute break and spent most of my time walking around and over volcanoes. The capital has some lovely old buildings and particularly a folly of a fortress overlooking the harbour. There is a real one but it is not so impressive.

I was deprived of Internet access for the week, but I have arrived back to a load of goodies from Harfields (and no snow), there was:
  • 1 x Hat Austrian cavalry guns
  • 1 x Hat Austrian wagons
  • 1 x Hat British MGs
  • 1 x Hat British Mortars
  • 1 x Matchbox Panzer III
  • 1 x Strelets Court and Army of Peter the Great
  • 1 x Strelets Russian Civil War Red Army in summer
  • 1 x Strelets Russian Civil War Red Army in winter

The RCW figures should neatly round off my RCW forces, while the new Hat british heavy weapons will upgrade my existing British units, but may mean I decide to upgrade some of the figures, but not my original ones from Almark!. I'm undecided about the Austrian wagons as I would like to use them for the SYW, but I need to find some evidence first before starting.

The Strelets Court and Army of Peter the Great was bought for all the character figures but I was pleased to find that the infantry figures would be more than sufficient to produce a couple more WSS regiments, plus the Guards box contained a very useful general figure.


Update 21/Jan, on checking the contents of Strelets Court and Army of Peter the Great (preview) I found that I had received two extra sprues of the Russian Infantry. So the contents were 24 Character figures, 48 Russian Infantry (both new sculpts shown in the review) 1 set of Russian Guard and another of Russian Artillery.


Conrad Kinch said...

A pleasent holiday and a nice haul of goodies to return to. I'm very tempted by the Peter the Great boxed set. The character figures look very impressive. Are the other figures in the box reissues?

Fire at Will said...

Conrad, details added above

Conrad Kinch said...

Many thanks.

Alex_Nay said...

Hi will, i live in Canary Island, in Tenerife,and i follow u excellent blog, u massive collection of figures is really great and superb, congratulations, visit our wargame blog if u want,, if u visit Tenerife, visit the military museum, u can see here "EL cañón Tigre", which wounded at Almirante Nelson,night of July 24th 1797.

Fire at Will said...

Hi Alex, I could see Tenerife and Teide in the distance while hiking over the volcanos. One day I will get back to Tenerife and vist the north instead of the south where I was on my last visit.

Alex_Nay said...

If u visit Tenerife, plis contact us, im neughbour of John M. from Miniature Zone and other good wargamers, it would be great meet u!!!!