Tuesday, 16 February 2010

French vehicles

Next up is a couple of Peugeot DMA 2 tonne trucks for my 1940 French Army. Again these are Minimi 20mm resin but without the normally cast on base.
And yes I do know that Peugeot DMA prototype appeared in mid-1940, too late for being used in the Battle for France (May-June 1940).

In the period March 1941- September 1944 almost 16,000 samples of this truck were built (including the Q5A version), of which 87% were requisitioned by the Germans and employed in great numbers in Africa, Europe and on the Eastern front.


Maverick Collecting said...

Doh! (Er...do they do a bread-van version!)

Phil B said...

Probably a (puts on French accent) a 'pain van'.

Conrad Kinch said...

Hmmm...how do Minimi compare to Frontline resin vehicles?

Fire at Will said...

personally I prefer Frontline, where there is a direct choice, but both currently produce very good castings. I've some old Frontline and sometimes I wonder if I sould upgrade to the new, but they are only for gaming and I'm the only one who normally notices. If you want bases go for Minimi otherwise go for Frontline.