Wednesday, 24 February 2010

On the Workbench - March 2010

My brain can't keep up with my painting or so it seemed. I've got one problem causing a block, which is waiting for the new Zvezda GNW Swedish Artillery to appear, very tempting as always. Then there is a major problem, I can't find any information on uniforms or standards for Waller's Army of the Western Association so if anyone has any information please let me know.

So my plans are:
  • Get started on Waller's regiment of horse as the uniforms are fairly generic across most of the cavalry
  • create a French "flying" or horse artillery battery for the Revolutionary Wars
  • Build a couple of new buildings for my modular C18 city, this time a "Chateau" and a "Granary" inspired by some models in the Total Battle Miniatures site (link) exactly the approach to creating built up areas that I like, just a shame they dominantly work in 15mm.
  • Another WSS unit, as I've gained enough figures for another regiment - I've found a Hesse Darmstadt unit in green that would make quite a contrast.
  • Try and make a start on all the civilian figures in the Strelets Court and Army of Peter the Great. I've not quite decided yet whether to base them as individual figures or as vignettes.

I also acquired some more Ottomans at York, so they may end up in the list once I've sorted them out

Finally If you are interested in any of the other figures from the Strelets Court and Army of Peter the Great then they are up for trade on the Trading Department


Bluebear Jeff said...


Take a look at the series of articles Clarence Harrison has on "Collecting a Wargames Army 101" on his Quindia site.

They are the series of thumbnails just above his "Victory Without Quarter" ECW rules (about halfway down the page). Here is the link:

I hope that this helps.

-- Jeff

Fire at Will said...

Thanks Jeff, unfortunately Clarences articles covers Wallers second army, the Southern Association, but I'm sure quite a bit of the cavalry were the same/similar since they were the one that escaped from Roundway down.