Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Saxon Frei-Husaren von Schill

As we got the last of today's sunshine I manged to get a picture of my latest unit for my imagi-nation the Frundsberg Frei Stadt and will act as the Frei Husaren Korps Von Wettin. They are based on the Saxon Frei-Husaren von Schill and will be used as such in normal SYW games.

These are the old Revell SYW Prussian hussars and these particular figures have been sitting half started for over ten years.


Martin said...

And a fine looking body of troopies they are too!

guy said...

There was some mention on the PSR site that zvesda may be releasing some Black Hussars. These may come in handy although I would prefer some SYW heavy cavalry first.


Fire at Will said...

Guy, yes I saw the release information from Nuremberg with this on it, but I wondr what size they will be? The Revell SYW Prussian Hussars are elegant sculpts, even though I wish they were just 1mm bigger.