Friday, 12 February 2010

Simple Barges

I have always had an intention to create some simple functional barges for my armies ever since seeing one in Charles Grants "The Wargame" . So at long last ,after 30 odd years, I've got round to creating some. They are built to a specific size to take exactly two bases of troops (12 figures) with space at front/back for crew and possibly guns.

Construction was relatively simple. I used foamcore rather than balsa as I have a plentiful supply, the bow and stern posts are just scraps of balsa and the sides are thin card, the sort from the back of pads. I picked some that was as thick as possible while still being flexible. Hopefully the pictures give a sufficient idea of the construction.

Why build them now? Well my Frundsberg solo game is just at a stage where a river crossing using barges is about to be fought.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I've used a similar technique to build African "canoes" for my Colonial gaming. Each "canoe" will hold ten native figures.

Your barges are a much more polished design. I like them.

-- Jeff

johnpreece said...

Those are rather nice, very functional and still look the part. They would do at a pinch equally well for invasion barges or a substantial pontoon bridge.

I may well copy you, the only problem is what do I do with all the date boxes I have collected over the past christmases?

Giles said...

Will, those are wonderful. I will definitely return to this post when I need to build something similar for Darkest Africa, or even some marines actions in the AWI!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

H'mmm -
Methinks my much cruder barges will have to be replaced. The ones pictured here are much nicer. How many figures do your carry?
Ion (Archduke Piccolo)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Echoing all of the previous comments here. I too have been pondering how to scare up some scratch-built barges, and you've provided just the answer I sought. Well done!

Best Regards,


Fire at Will said...

6 figures per base (12 in total) plus crew