Monday, 8 February 2010

Vapa 2010

Had a good day over in York at the Varnartak show, it seems to get better every year, except this year there were a couple of problems that upset a few people. There was a major queue to book in on the B&B and the turn out too large compared to the hard parking available some some people ended up parking in a field that became a swamp, this was partly due to a lot of locals turning up for football as well.

I didn't buy much, but there were some nice demo games, the Ilkley Lads had once of their usual crusade games (link) and I spotted a nice mosque in the corner, just the inspiration I need for building one for the SOTCW Rif game this summer.

Then there was a large League of Ausburg period game that had a lot of nice modelling but the figures didn't seem to move all day.

On the Lance & Longbow stand due to a technical hitch we ended up with a medieval sea battle again.

I slipped away to the bar at lunchtime to meet up with the guys from this summers big game and have a chat.

  • Ready to Roll - British Crusader AA and an Italian Camionetta Desertica, both bits I've been too late to buy from Colin Rumsford in the past. Heard a few bits about the next Rapid Fire book covering Monty in North Africa, so something to look forward to.
  • Some left over Zvezda Turkish Janissaries and cavalry from Twmas on the Trading Department, just enough to complete some more units.
  • I picked up the Pegasus small Russian houses on the B&B, I really like these, they are very useful across a lot of periods
Links to some nice photos by James of the Society of Gentlemen Gamers


General Grant said...

Nice pics Will. Not seen you for ages.

It looks like there were some nice games there. Glad you had a good day and hope you enjoyed your pint.

Galpy said...

Those building look amazing a real pleasure to fight on terrian like that
Cheers Kent