Monday, 22 March 2010

WSS Swedish Artillery preview

I bought a couple of packs of the latest Zvesda offering from Netmerchants. A really nice set of figures and equipment. they will certainly mett my needs to complete/upgrade my WSS artillery.

At the back a four horse limber and two horse caisson - different horse/figures from the russian set and I wonder if they could be mixed to give better variety. ( A bit to late for me)

To the left are the three 3 pounder guns, all nice crisp mouldings and easy to put together unlike Hat's offerings.

Centre is the single six pounder and a howitzer so the equipemtn is well covered.

There are 32 foot figures most of which are one piece mouldings, but a number have the plug in arms almost the same as in the Russian set.

The odd part is the left overs due to the sprue mix. There are two spare limber wheels, one 3pdr gun wheel, a limber rider and a gunner without arms. This surprised me as I would have expected better planning across the sprues.

Overall a better set than the Russians and easier to use for the WSS.


andygamer said...

Thanks for the preview.

Do the assembly instructions put the four horses with the (6-pdr) limber or with the caisson?

And maybe the armless artillerist is Bob?

Fire at Will said...

Andy on the Zvezda plan the four horse team is on the caisson, but the extra pair of horse will fit with either the limber or the caisson.

Conrad Kinch said...

Thanks for the review, that's decided me.

andygamer said...

Thank you, Fire at Will.

Sir William the Aged said...


You could mount the spare 6# wheel to the rear of the caison, I seem to remember Napoleonic caisons built this way by Historex and Minifigs. As to the extra limber wheels, it doesn't look like it would be too difficult to fabricate another limber and split the 4-horse team giving you three 2-horse teams. Just my thoughts on an excellent review. You keep consistently beating PSR my Friend!


Docsmith said...

It would appear that Zvezda have done it again. They produce wonderful sets of artillery - best in the business. If 28mm plastics makers want to know how to produce artillery for their ranges they need look no further than Zvezda. Good review - more pics tho - would like to see these painted up.