Friday, 2 April 2010

Back from London

Just been down to London for a couple of days and managed to fit in the Imperial War Museum, National Army Museum and a bit of the British Museum while I was there.
Easter holidays was certainly not the time I would have intentionally picked, all the museums were packed with school parties, families and even mother and toddler groups in addition to the normal tourists. I really enjoyed all three as it's been many years since I last visited, and although I could recognise many of the exhibits from previous visits, it's all so much better presented than 20 odd years ago.


Conor said...

I went to the imperial war museum earlier this year. It was a great day out. I especialy liked the hall of big exibits with the tanks and planes and other weapons of war

Conrad Kinch said...

The Imperial War Museum is a superb museum - it's also worth while calling ahead to see if you can book a look at the artifact and document collections. I spent a very happy week in 2003 in the basement of the IWM.