Monday, 5 April 2010

The little and large - Russian armour

Well the Russian armour that slipped onto my painting bench is now finished and will certainly spice up some early Blitzkrieg games.

First is the light armour, a BA64 armoured car (by Alby) a T37 amphibious tank (by Cromwell) and a SU76 (by Red Star)

Then the real beasts, a T28 and T35 heavy tanks, both Red Star Models) They will certainly frighten and German player when they first see them, but in Rapid Fire they are only armour class E (the worst) just like all the light armour above.
The Alby and Cromwell vehicles were really nice models finely cast and when together easily, hover the Red Star ones were not the best, it took a while to straighten out the track units and there was quite a bit of pitting on the turrets.


Conrad Kinch said...

I've always has a soft spot for multiturreted tanks. Invaded finland in one once. It didn't end well.

adeptgamer said...

Very nice stuff! :) You are a great painter. I've always had a soft spot for RUSKIES!