Saturday, 3 April 2010

On the Workbench - April 2010

Well as anticipated the Zvezda Swedish Artillery has arrived and It has rapidly jumped onto my workbench, on the downside some items from last month are still in progress. So here's this months work plan.
  • Replacement WSS Austrian Artillery to be made from the new Zvezda figures, plus a few from the old Russian Artillery set.
  • Continue work on the ECW Cavalry, I've almost finished assembling the figures.
  • Continue with the civilian figures in the Strelets Court and Army of Peter the Great. I have decided to base most of them individually so they will now gradually appear as particular figures are completed.
  • Continue work on the BA64, SU76, T28, T35 and T37 that sneaked onto the bench when I was feeling like assembling some armour.
  • Along with the recent musket armed Jannisaries I am also working on some of their sword armed friends.
  • Finally continue work on the modular buildings, I have decided to add some city walls, a couple of warehouses and a farm building.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Have it them, Will. Get that list winnowed down with a madly flying paintbrush.

-- Jeff

DestoFante said...

This is a great idea. I should post a monthly plan myself... I wonder if that would help me staying the course of my projects, rather than wandering all the time!