Tuesday, 27 April 2010

SYW/Rural buildings

Just finished the last of the current batch of buildings before I concentrate on other topics, such as the Moroccan terrain for Gauntlet.

I decided I needed some more rural buildings than could be either used as standalone positions or in combinations. Therefore I created the two farm buildings shown, one very much the farmhouse and the other the stables.

In the background are some I had created earlier for by SYW battles in Silesia.
My only regret?
I couldn't find a pig for the sty.
For those that are interested the roofs are made of card with thin towelling/flannel glued on top. This was then washed with thinned PVA to harden, then painted and dry-brushed


Maverick Collecting said...

eMail me, I've got hundreds of pigs, from N gauge to 70mm I'm sure we can find you a few, no charge, just need the scale and an address!

The Belgian, said...

Nice terrain! of which material are the roofs made? towel.

top notch stuff, keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

The scenery looks really good. Good work.

Fire at Will said...

Maverick Collecting, don't worry I just remember having some Airfix farm animals a long time ago and thought that one would fit in neatly.

The Belgian - yes the roofs are made of thin toweling, in this case the last of the free cloths given out on flights. Dilute PVA is all that is needed to stiffen tem up enough to paint.

Andrew said...

Lovely buildings. You should buy a box of Imex American pioneers. It includes some hogs Their Pilgrims have some goats and poses that might fit in as 18th century workmen/women.

Fire at Will said...

Andrew, excellent idea, I'd forgotten about that Imex set, it has lots of possibilities/uses.

Docsmith said...

Again excellent no-nonsense buildings perfect for the job and that toweling idea for the roofs is ingenious.