Monday, 19 April 2010

Triples 2010 (1)

Yes, just back having combined the show with a long weekend. I was only there for the Saturday, but I was impressed with the venue with the sole exception of the B&B, which was far too cramped. That said I did manage to pick up the first dozen copies of Battlegames and some more plastic bicorne infantry. The former really pleased me as I was put off subscribing to the initial issues because of previous magazines folding taking my money with them, then it was a case of never getting around to it. The bicorne infantry came in a mixed bundle of other figures so they will go into my for sale box.

For those who were there the game was Pfeddersheim 1460 (of which I knew nothing before I arrived) but put simply it was a battle between two German armies both with war-wagons. It was put on by Bob from the L&L with an impressive array of 28mm kit.

My force arriving on table

The enemy deployed in wagonburg blocking my force from....

...the relief of Pfeddersheim

It all got very messy and the wagons are not the most mobile bits of kit.

The final stage as the enemy cavalry took my pikes in flank, just after I had done the same to a unit of their cavalry.

From this point on it was clear that my relief force would not get through.


Conrad Kinch said...

Very handsome game. What scale?

Fire at Will said...

All 28mm metal.

Giles said...

Great pics, Will. Thanks for posting.

Best wishes