Thursday, 8 April 2010

WSS Austrian Artillery (part 2)

Over two years ago I completed my first Austrian artillery using the Strelets figures (link), but since then I have added more gunners using the Zvezda Russian Artillery. Once the Zvezda Swedish Artillery appeared the obvious action was to replace my older figures (or at least move them into reserve)

I created three two gun batteries, from front to back.
  • Light battalion guns using the "Russian Artillery guns and figures"
  • Medium guns (3pdr)
  • Heavy guns (8pdr)

I also created a couple of command vignettes, the Swedish officer is really good in combination with the Russian officer with telescope

Finally at the back is a baggage wagon based on an old Airfix Waterloo Accessories set with just a Swedish figure added.

Overall they new Swedes paint up well, the only downsides are the bases are not smoothed off like their other sets, plus the multipart figures do not fit all that well, hence most of the figures used are one piece mouldings.

I now have to work on the limbers and caissons.


Sir William the Aged said...

Sorry, too many typo's in the 1st version, not fully-awake yet!

Excellent work Will. You're right about the two officers, lovely vignette!

Since you're holding off on using the multi-part figures, perhaps there will be some conversion possibilities with the new Russian dismounted Dragoons? I could see one of the horse holders steadying a limber team, or perhaps the right arm from the "at the ready" Dragoon (the one holding the musket at the wrist) paired with a left arm pointing off, could make a good "train guard" or even a Sergeant mixed in the ranks.


Fire at Will said...

Hi Bill, yes these may be possibilities, but beware the plugs and sockets are different sizes between the sets, seems strange, The Swedish artillery are smaller than the Russian.