Wednesday, 6 October 2010

French Camp

Some eye candy to add to my Napoleonic battlefields. After many years I found the first Strelets product their French Camp. It makes up into a number of nice vignettes, the only unusable item in the set is the wagon, which is far to crude to use.


Vitor Manuel Mestre said...


essas figuras ficam mesmo bem, tenho esse campo com feridos e utilizo nos dioramas

Plastic Hussar said...

Nice stuff, Will. I never have time to "dress" my battlefields like this - or to be honest I don't make the time. I always like seeing what others do.

Docsmith said...

They are a very interesting lot - wish somebody would do these odds and sods for 28mm! Pity about the wagon - perhaps you could re-do it as 'battle damaged debris'?