Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Plastic Soldier - Russians

AS mentioned on my previous entry I couldn't resist painting some of the Russians from Plastic Soldier and here they are.

The figures at either end are part of my existing collection, which are mainly plastic copies (on right) of the Esci hard plastic Russians (on left). I suspect my decision will depend on the contents of the support pack when it appears.

I'm very impressed, but in a dilemma what to do as I already have sufficient Russians, they could just do with a tidy up and rebase after more than 20 years service


johnpreece said...

Very nice they are too. Personally I have never found it hard to justify adding yet more soldiers to a finished army, I am sure you'll think of something.

If I may ask a question? In the Spanish Civil War the US oil companies supplied Franco with huge numbers of Ford trucks.

The only direct models are railway kits at an arm and leg. But I thought that the GAZ(?) Russian truck would do well as it is , I believe, a copy of the Ford. Do you know a cheap maker of these trucks. I ask obviously because you have two in photo but also because it is not an area I know much about.

I hope you will forgive me going off topic on your blog.


Fire at Will said...

John, yes the trucks are Gaz AA, which are direct copies of the Ford. My cheapest versions are resin from Frontline Miniatures, the one's shown are plastic from PST. The Frontline one's were half the price of PST.

If you like moulded on bases then Minimi also do one at a comparable price.