Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Review of 2010

Main Highlights

  • Size of painted 20/28mm collection rose from 22,515 to 22,836 figures; it passed 23,000 part way through the year before some disposals.
  • Unpainted stash reduced from 7,457 to 6,574 items
  • Sales of painted figures - 620
  • Sale of unpainted figures – 1,706
  • Painted 1,385 items

Painted Sales:

  • 110 25mm ECW (I decided that my old Minifigs were not in scale with my new 28mm plastic so that have gone to a better home);
  • 30 AWI Indians, really old Wild West figures used for the AWI/FIW before the new Italeri figures were released;
  • 30 Springwood Napoleonic Portuguese, these were the first version and all the rest of my British and Portuguese used the second edition figures.
  • 151 Wild West figures (plus a lot of Kilbri Wild west buildings) a big decision to give up the period;
  • 41 WW1 British (old Airfix) and 50 each of the Revell French and Germans, where I didn’t like the way I’d painted them in the past.
  • 100 WW2 Afrika Korps (I decided to sell my old figures and paint new), 58 Volksgrenadiers plus a number of old tanks and limbers.


  • Completed the 28mm ECW project with 36 cavalry and 123 infantry figures painted
  • Cleared virtually the whole haul of WW2 vehicles purchased at Crewe in February (I sold a few) plus a number of other bits making a total of 75 vehicles.
  • RCW period was completed (?) with the last few red infantry completed (92 figures)
  • On Terrain, I revamped and added a lot to my North African collection in preparation for the Tifaruin game at Gauntlet, and made some additions to the rest of my SYW modular collection. In all over 102 items, plus 20 flags.
  • Although I painted 290 WW2 figures over a third were upgrades to my WW2 Germans ready for the D-Day big game. The only other significant items were the Caesar French Infantry and the very useful Hat British MG and Mortar sets.
  • The Colonial period also had some attention as I’ve decided to start work on the Sudan, hopefully HaT will release the Ansar in the not too distant future and in the interim I’ll pick up any camelry that’s going cheap. So I added 167 figures in preparation and also painted 35 casualty figures for the Zulu wars.
  • My Napoleonics didn’t get much attention with only the Strelets French Camp and the Austrian Artillery limbers and wagons completed.
  • I reinforced my Janissaries with another 60 figures, but the main emphasis for the Renaissance was the 28mm ECW figures.
  • AWI was neglected but for 25 casualty figures and the SYW only saw a late effort with the Hanoverian artillery.
  • For my solo campaign I added a brigade of militia and a unit of Freihussaren to my Frundsberg forces, plus a few other bits.
  • The real pleasure was the continuing work on the WSS/GNW with new figures of Swedish Artillery and Russian Dragoons from Zvezda, plus the Strelets Court of Peter the Great. Overall 128 items painted.


The main highlights were the Rapid Fire D-Day "Big Game" and the Seige of Tifaruin at Gauntlet, otherwise it was a year of Black Powder games at the club. A nice close out was the Rapid Fire Pegasus bridge down at Clevedon.


Tim Gow said...

That all sounds very well organised Will! I daren't count my toys.

Giles said...

Will, I'm astounded that you know the quantity of your leadpile in exact detail! You've clearly had a busy year...

Best wishes


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

A very good year on all fronts!