Monday, 20 June 2011

Bautzen 1813

Following on from Phalanx the Gentlemen Pensioners had their annual game in Manchester. This year it was Bautzen 1813 played using Shako large battle system.
I had the role of Ney and together with Lauriston's corps I had to roll up the Russo-Prussian Army from the north. Of course it didn't go according to Napoleon's plan. Most of the flank was covered by two corps; Barclay and Kleist with loads of artillery

Lauriston made no progress with virtually all his corps destroyed by the end of the game. Ney's own corps managed to wipe out Kleist's corps at heavy cost and was poised to breakthrough at the point I had to leave.

An unbiased report from one of the umpire's should appear shortly on the Wargame Amateur blog

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Rafael Pardo said...

Waiting to see the AAR of this laaaaaaaaarge battle!
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