Saturday, 11 June 2011

Boxer Rebellion - test game

The first test game on a full sized layout was held at the Deeside Defenders club on Thursday. Here are a couple of pictures of the action.

The British Legation is in the foreground with the British order cards laid out alongside so we could keep track of them (only three of us were play-testing).

German, French and Japanese legations, all quiet here except the problem of food supplies

One obvious need is for more ruins, we still couldn't fill the table using Pete's, mine and the Clubs terrain, so I have started work on more.

Overall the test went well, just needing tweeks to the orders and event cards.


Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Wow, some terrific board. That looks like a proper game!
Looking forward to see some more of it.

Giles said...

That looks amazing, Will. Populated with figures it will be a real tour de force.

Best wishes


Rafael Pardo said...

A greta and rewarding tablegame... Waiting to see the game and the AAR!
Best regards

Uwe said...

Hi Will,

I see you used European houses for the European quarter. I thought about a diorama for the battle of Tientsin, but wasn't able to find Chinese buildings. Do you know if and where they would be available?

Beside this an impressing game!


Fire at Will said...

Uwe, the best chinese building we have seen are those for aquariums, but they are usually expensive unless in a sale. I did once see a flat die cut building of a Chinese bulding complex, similar to the flat pack dinosaur skeletons for children, but it was just too expensive to import from China.

This is what I would have liked to use several of

Uwe said...

Hi Will,

I have seen such wooden "puzzles" in the USA too. But with 50$ each plus postage and customs I thought it too expensive too. Aquarium is an interesting idea.Maybe I can search for second hand stuff.
I have seen 25/28mm houses in the past in wargaming magazines. Sometimes these work with 1/72 too.