Friday, 17 June 2011

Peking 1900 final playtest

The final playtest for the Boxer rebellion game prior to Gauntlet was held at Deeside Defenders last night with a host of willing volunteers.

The briefing
The British show that they learned something in the Zulu War and construct a wagon laager in the Imperial carriage park.
The US and Russians await the onslaught
All seems calm on the other flank, until you see that the Italian legation has been abondoned
The last stand of the Austro-Hungarian legation before they too pulled out.
Just for my records the almost completed Fort Halliday covering the entrance to the British legation.

Over all the game was great fun and only a few minor tweaks need to be made, so roll on Gauntlet (2nd & 3rd of July)


The Angry Lurker said...

Looks great, loved 55 days at Peking and the gaming possibilities of the period.

Bill said...

Did you have any individual heroes, like the winners of the VC or the Medal of Honor, etc?

Rafael Pardo said...

I watch the movie last week in on Spanish TV channel!. I am curious about a large AAR
Best regards