Friday, 3 June 2011

WIP - Boxer game for Gauntlet

Given the good weather I thought it was time to lay out the legations to see how well everything fitted together. This is an overview of the entire table 6' x 10' with the edges and roads marked in yellow chalk.

Immediately in the foreground are from L to R the British, Russian and US legations

Next are the Japanese (J) German (G) and French (F) Legations with the Italians out on a limb.

Finally the opposite view showing how isolated the Austrian legation is.

It was just as well I had laid everything out as I found I had failed to count some walls, so more need to be added. The whole areas outside the legations needed to be filled up with burnt out buildings, walls, etc. The final layout will be marked out on some old wallpaper, which has a cobbled effect



Ray Rousell said...

Will this all make it on the table top?

Monty said...


Fire at Will said...

Will this all make it on the table top?

That's the plan, I'm going to have to raid lots of bits from other periods, e.g. WW2 destroyed buildings.

Rafael Pardo said...

Waiting to see the final result!

Pete Jones said...

Figures almost finished, looking forward how it all goes together on Thursday night.

I have some ruined buildings too.